�A taste of France from New Zealand�

Tentation is an apple that was bred in France by the Delbard Nursery group, who are famous for their rose breeding programme. It is a modern take on Golden Delicious with the traditional distinctive golden yellow colour, with a fine pink-orange blush.

Most importantly, the Tentation apple has a unique taste that once experienced will not be forgotten. The main distinguishing feature of Tentation is its unique flavour and floral fragrance, with note of hazelnut and a hint of menthol. The flavour is described as both rich and subtle, with it�s high sugar level being balanced by acidity � providing a very special, sweet and tangy eating experience. It is exceptional in texture, being firm, tangy and very juicy.

While traditionally apple varieties that cook well are not good eating apples. Tentation challenges that theory by being excellent eaten fresh, while also considered one of the very best apples for cooking. The fruit holds its shape and flavour well when cooked, so can be used for desserts and baking.

Tentation is only grown in New Zealand to provide fruit domestically and to the Northern Hemisphere from June to September.



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